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abril 11, 2018 2 Tempo Leitura

For the last 12 years i’ve been riding most weekends, 100% of that has been mountain biking so heading out on a ride on a road bike was a little different. First thing i noticed was how rough it is on our roads not having suspension and the very VERY thin tyres. Big difference when you used to riding 2.4” but it was a sunny day so i couldn’t complain.

Ventured out to explore some of my local area through all the country lanes, made my way from Albrighton through to Ironbridge. It was a nice change of pace from blasting through trees to cruising down lanes in the sun. It isn’t so bad after all though the breaks and gears are something i’ll have to get used too.

So i didn’t get completely lost, which i do very easily. I took my phone with me so i can use google maps and mounted it with the Ultimateaddons Ubolt and 3 prong adapter in the iPhone 6 Compact Case. Found it very handy to have the option to have my iPhone on my bike at this point, be great for when i head out on the road bike again. If only to get me home, after getting lost.

Once I had found my bearings I swapped out my phone for a GoPro to capture a little of my ride, for this i just used the Action Camera adapter as it works just the same as the 3 prong it only took a few seconds to swap them out. You can see my set up below.

With every great ride there is a nice pit stop to be had for coffee and a cake, surprising how many new places i stumbled across during this ride. If you have any good routes to try out please let me know below.

Until next ride, catch you then!

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