O Seu Carrinho está Vazio

novembro 15, 2017 1 Tempo Leitura

The 2017 motorcycle show in Italy is one of the biggest motorcycle shows in Europe with all of the main manufactures releasing their new 2018 models.

In comparison to the Moto Madrid the volume of people attending this show was eye opening, extremely busy very very hard to even get to some of the bikes especially the KTM and the BMW stands were packed, this was early morning Friday, would have been crazy on the Saturday.  

There were some cool custom bikes but again it was near impossible to get a decent photo due to the volume of traffic.   Here is a rather interesting looking bike, not my tastes not too sure of the front fork design.  

KTM had a very large motorcycle presence but not only motorcycle they had their full display of eBikes at the show. Looks like they are really going to be pushing into the bicycle market and who can blame them they are already making great motorcycles.  

I don't really like yellow bikes but i would make an except to the rule when it comes to the Yamaha R1, think its lovely. 

If you are planning attending the show next year, i would highly recommend going on the Friday as i can only imagine how busy the show would have been on Saturday / Sunday. 

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