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julho 04, 2018 1 Tempo Leitura

When we’re not catching eyelines with our bespoke waterproof mountable mobile phone tough cases for motorcyclists, we’re making headlines at UltimateAddons.

Our range of waterproof, chargeable cases are generating more and more interest amongst the motorcycle press, with trade bible British Dealer News the latest to run a piece on our products.

Editor Paul Smith said: “Bikers negotiating Scotland’s NorthCoast 500 touring route might be too focused on their bar mounted sat navs to notice the presence in Ullapool of UltimateAddons, a company that may well have designed and made the riders’ smartphone mounting brackets.

“Craig Derbyshire and the team at UltimateAddons have been busy since 2008 building a reputation for…well, motorcycle addons. The company, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary, offers 15 different attachments to fit almost every bike on the market.”


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