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If you have never been to Llandegla you have been missing out! 
Although its a 2 hour drive to Wrexham its pretty much become my local trail, its super easy to get too! The trails are awesome but ill get to that in a moment. 

Coed Llandegla Trail Centre
When you first arrive you’ll pass the parking hut, £4 for all day parking which is cheap compared to most trail centres. If you want to park at the bottom close to the cafe and toilets you’ll want to get there pretty early as it gets very busy during weekends. Theres almost everything you need there, plenty of parking, toilets, bike shop with available bike hire and one epic cafe. One thing that could be added is a changing / shower room.

If your like me and always like a hot drink and a giant slice of cake after a ride you’ll love it in the One Planet Adventure’s cafe. Andy the chef cooks up a storm too if you fancy a full meal, in summer there is also a BBQ on. With a great atmosphere its a nice place to chill out after a ride or even before.

Llandegla Trail Guide

Right… the trails. Before you set off on the fire road to reach the start of the trails you’ll come across the skills area, which is a fun place to get warmed up and test yourself on a few of the drops, jumps and and wooden sections. Along with the skills area theres also the pump track and free ride run though its short its worth a run or three. 

Once you get to the end of the fire road you’ve a choice of trail, blue, red or black. So what ever experience level your at theres something for you. I typically head down the black trail which normally takes a few hours depending how many times you stop to eat sweets haha. 

Llandegla Trail Guide
The first section down into the woods is one of my favourite parts fast rolling berms, jumps and its all downhill. After that your in for a bit of climbing through the woods with some options along the way. The orange sections are a blast, more downhill focused with rough technical sections and jumps. I’d always opt for this route if your up for a fast and thrilling run down. The black trail runs along side the red for the most part you end up joining back onto the red for the last part. Theres Julia’s trail at the end or you could head back around the lake which is always nice, especially at sunset.

Llandegla Trail Guide
Whatever the weathers doing Llandegla is good through it all, even snow. It’s really well maintained even after a years worth of rain the trails still run great with just a few puddles for you to splash your way through.

For those that are looking to improve their riding OPA also do training causes and personal tuition which is a great way to learn new skills and enjoy your riding that little bit more. 

Llandegla Trail Guide
Let us know your opinion on Llandegla or if your planning your first visit. Now its time for the cake…

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