O Seu Carrinho está Vazio

novembro 28, 2017 1 Tempo Leitura

Set out to explore my new local area a little on my bike, the Tough case for my iPhone 6 and the quick release strap was a great combo, so I could use the maps feature on my phone. I get lost pretty easy!

My phone feels very safe in the case and well protected with its shock absorbing insert. All my normal features still worked too while its inside, handy as i snapped a couple of photos on my journey. There's a built in connection on the rear of the case so it just simply clicked into the strap.

Fitting the strap to my bike was so easy too, just threaded the plastic through and pulled. It didn’t budge ether. There's a neat design on the strap, I was able to twist my phone to where I wanted. Either portrait or landscape, which is definitely ideal if you plan to use it for navigating you way around.


Removing the phone was just as simple, pressed in the two buttons on the side and I was on my way...

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