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novembro 28, 2017 1 Tempo Leitura

Hey! I’m Jamie, Ultimateaddons team member.


(Captured at Stiniog, on an uplift day with the lads)

Where to start?

Well I’ve been biking for as long as I can remember. I really got into Mountain Biking when I had my first full sus in 2005, a Scott G-Zero FX. Looking back the bike wasn’t all that but it got me to where I am with my hobby today so it means everything. Without biking I’d be pretty lost!

I'm based in the Midlands but most of my riding is done in Wales. North or South, on a weekend myself and my girlfriend Tara pack up the car and head to the trails.

(Taken while making a MTB video with Tara in Cannock)

Riding in the UK is great but hitting foreign trails is pretty epic too, especially if its sunny and warm, though thats not always the case! Over the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to ride in France, Switzerland, Austria and Colorado. I definitely want to add more locations to this list.

(Dropping in the black trail from the french boarder into Switzerland)

When I’m riding theres always one thing with me, my trusty GoPro. I love to capture photos from my rides and adventures but I’ll touch on that in a future post.


Thats me, I'll catch you in the next post.

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